Xbox One Controllers You Should Get

The Xbox One controller is regarded as one of the best gaming controllers of all time. They are now available in a wide array of colours and textures. In this post I will talk about some of the coolest Xbox One Controllers You Should Get. As well as go through some of my own personal controllers.

My Xbox One Controllers

I only purchased my Xbox One last year. The console was already around 4 years old when I got mine. I picked up the Fifa 17 console bundle at an insanely low price. It is the original big OG Xbox One console and black controller. The store that I had purchased the console from also had a White Controller on sale as well. In a sudden impulsive buying decision, I took the white controller, as well as Forza Horizon 3 and Jurassic World!

Xbox One Controller in White
Xbox One Controller with Silicone Grip
Picked up a White controller and Silicon Skin really cheap

The White Controller is one of the Xbox One Controllers You Should Get. It is a great throwback to the original Xbox 360 white console. But the main difference is that the original feels too much like a toy. In contrast, the Xbox One controller feels like a serious gaming peripheral. The white adds a genuine layer of class and elegance to an already awesome controller. But more like a white Lambo than a white Merc. My white controller has a textured finish on the back for added grip.

I also got some additional accessories to further enhance and protect my controller. I added an inexpensive silicone skin and a pair of thumb grips. The silicone grip covers the controller better than I expected and it feels really grippy and nice in your hand. The thumb grips are a welcome addition. I didn’t have any problems with them, but my nephew kept flicking them off the controller.

Xbox One Controller in Black with Power Skin

I purchased a 2 piece hardshell black skin for my black controller. It fits perfectly onto the controller and hardly adds any bulk to the controller. The best part about this skin is that it includes a battery pack that can be recharged with a micro USB cable.

This is currently my Go To controller because of the convenience to charge quickly via a Micro USB cable. My phone takes the same cable. The only issues I do have is that the controller switches off now and again only while playing certain multiplayer games. I had this issue with Gears of War and Fifa 17. But it works 100% fine on other games like Lego Marvel Superheroes and GTA V.

Xbox One Controllers You Should Get

Microsoft’s Xbox One has gone through some really good changes in the last year or so. 2017 was a great year to own an Xbox One. And using an Xbox One in 2018 is stacking up to be a wonderful experience with all of those new exclusive games on the way. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of a new game than with a new controller. Here are some of my personal favourite picks out of

The Best Game Controller?

Austin Evans tries out some of the latest and greatest gaming controllers on the market. He even tried out the Xbox design lab that allows you to fully customize an Xbox controller online. The options are endless. Once you are done customizing, Microsoft will ship the controller to you for free. It is a great video so please give it a like and subscribe to Austin Evans Youtube Channel.

Xbox One Controller Custom Design

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